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There has never been a better time to offer article writing services. Before, companies would have articles written purely for SEO, where the focus was on keyword placement above quality. SEO will probably always be a factor in online article writing, but its importance is fading. Now you have social media marketing, and inbound marketing. Quality of articles is now more important than keyword placement and density to most clients.

Article Writing Services.co.uk is part of the See This Now Media group. It is the second writing company in the group. After the roaring success of Write About Property, an SEO copywriting company for the property industry this company will widen the spectrum.

For now there are no staff; now that Write About Property has a good team, I, director Liam Bailey will be writing for clients coming in through Article Writing Services.co.uk.

I started Write About Property because people who had worked for me in the property industry asked me to write for them. But I had a long and fruitful career as a freelance writer before I worked in the property industry. One of my favourite jobs was a regular monthly slot in ethical living magazine Lifescape


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